How to Ship a Unicycle

Ship a Unicycle Gone are the days when unicycling are only associated with clowns and circus acts. These one-wheeled wonders are gaining popularity as an everyday transportation device and as a challenging elements to some sporting activities.

Apart from freestyle and mountain unicycling, the use of these single-wheeled vehicles have been incorporated into numerous team sports such as basketball and hockey that makes the games more challenging and exciting.

While there are many types of unicycles, the basic ones are comprised of the following parts: wheel, pedals, frame, seat post and saddle or seat. The compact size, compared to other vehicles like bikes, make the unicycle portable and easy to handle. It is also relatively easy to ship a unicycle by following these tips.

Most unicycles can be easily disassembled. Protruding parts such as the seat and pedals can be removed to make the unicycle “smaller” and fit into a shipping box. Wrap each removed parts with several layers of bubble and secure with tape to prevent unraveling. Do the same to the wheel which is still attached to the frame.

Get a sturdy shipping box that is at least 3 inches larger than the unicycle on all sides.  Fill the bottom of the box with three inches of packing peanuts and then lay the wrapped wheel/frame on top and center of the packing materials. Don’t forget to insert the other parts of the unicycle in the box.

Fill the box with more packing peanuts until spaces on all sides and top of the box are covered. The box should be well-packed so that there will be no movement inside the box.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Make sure to reinforce all seams and flaps, including those on the bottom of the box, to prevent the package from bursting open while in transit.

Attach address and labels onto the package and take to your local post office or shipping company.

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