7 Valuable Tips on How to Ship a Typewriter

Ship a typewriter In this age of computers and gadgets, some people still prefer to use a manual typewriter.  These say that they find satisfaction on seeing black words on white paper rolling up in front of them and produce a stack of physical pages, not just a laptop’s word count. The sound created as they pound on the keys is also music to their ears. Here are practical tips on how to properly pack and ship a typewriter.

1. Insert crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap between crevices in the type basket to keep the type bars from moving around while in transit. Tightly wrap the entire typewriter in saran wrap or plastic bag.

2. Place the typewriter in its case making sure that it fits snugly.  Use pieces of bubble wrap or crumpled paper to fill spaces and prevent the machine from moving inside the case. Lock the case’s latches to prevent it from popping open.

3. Wrap the case itself generously with bubble wrap and secure with packing tape.

4. Get a sturdy shipping box that can accommodate the typewriter case and provide extra 3-4 inches of space on all sides.  Fill the bottom of the box with at least 3 inches of packing peanuts and place the case on top.

5. Fill the sides and top of the box with more packing peanuts packed so well such that when the boxed is closed, there’s no way the case inside will shift or move.

6. Close the box and seal all seams with packaging tape. Address and label the box with “Fragile” and “Handle With Care.”

7. Take the package to a shipping office and pay for the rate that is within your budget.  It is a good idea to insure the typewriter for full value.

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