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How to Ship a Necktie

shipping a necktie

Neckties are usually made of luxurious fabrics like silk.  High-quality ties can fetch as much as $200 dollars! Ties are supposed to have “rolled” edges. But when improperly packed for shipping, silk ties can get ruined as the lining will be compressed, and the edges will be creased.  Here are some tips on how to properly pack neckties to ensure that they remain in perfect condition when mailed.

Silk neckties are best shipped rolled and placed in a square tie box made of a solid material such as wood.  This avoids creases and prevents the tie from getting compressed.

Another option is to fold the tie lengthwise twice and place it in a flat tie box, like the ones that some luxury brands include with their ties (photo below).

The next step is to put the tie box in a slightly bigger shipping box. Surrounded on all sides, top and bottom with packing peanuts or shredded paper.

Seal the shipping box with packaging tape.  Address and label and take to a local shipping company or post office.





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