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Tips on How to Ship a Push-Type Lawn Mower

ship a push-type lawn mowerBeing a motorized machine that runs on combustible fuel, a lawnmower must be properly prepared before getting packed and shipped to its new destination.

Here are helpful tips on how to prepare, pack and ship a push-type lawnmower to ensure that it safely reaches its destination without creating havoc or hurting shipping personnel:

1. Make sure to clean the lawn mower thoroughly before packing it.

2. Remove all trapped grass or dirt under the blades.

3. Remove all gas and oil from the lawn mower.

4. Be sure to put all hazardous and flammable liquids in  appropriate containers and not jut let them flow in water drains.

5. Follow your local community's environmental regulations when disposing these materials.

6. Wipe out any drop of gas and oil on the lawn mower with a dry rug. If not properly managed, even little amount of these liquids can ignite when exposed to heat and cause danger.

7. Just to be safe, disconnect the spark plug to avoid accidents. Even if fuel was drained out of the lawn mower, it can still have combustible built-up gas fumes inside the tank. If the spark plug is disconnected, you can be sure that nothing untoward could happen.

8. To make packing easier, remove or collapse the lawn mower's push handle.

9. Put any removed parts in a zip lock bag and attach to the mower with packing tape.

10. Wrap the mower in bubble wrap and place in an appropriately sized shipping box. Fill any empty spaces inside the box with packing peanuts to ensure that the mower will not shift around during transit.

Close, seal and attach address and labels on the sides of the box.  Bring the package to your local shipping company.

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