How to Ship a Poster

shipping a poster

Collecting movie posters has become a very popular hobby for an increasing number of people. Some even spend a lot of money just to get rare ones to include in their collection. If you are planning to ship a poster to someone locally or internationally, proper packing procedures must be observed to ensure that they arrive without folds, creases, or any other damage. Here’s how to securely pack and ship a poster.

The best way to ship a poster without getting folded, creased, or damaged is by using a mailing tube.  These tubes are available in most shipping and office supplies stores.

Take the measurement of your poster when rolled.  Use the dimension to pick a proper-sized mailing tube with some extra room at the ends.

Get your poster and carefully roll it from end to end. Make sure you have a clean hand be gentle while rolling the poster to avoid damages such as scratches, tears, and rips.

Place the rolled poster inside the mailing tube. Never use rubber bands or tape to secure the roll to prevent unfurling. Just keep on holding the roll until the entire poster is inside the tube.

Put some bubble wrap at both ends of the tube to prevent the poster from shifting. Place the plastic caps on both ends and tape them down securely at the edge of the tube. Make sure that the caps will not pop off.

Write or attach the address in the middle of the tube and take to the post office.

This procedure can also be used when shipping large documents or items that cannot be folded such as maps, blueprints, etc.

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