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How to Ship a Microscope

how to ship a microscope

It is a given that a microscope is a fragile device that requires utmost caution when being shipped. Microscopes are consisted of very delicate parts that need to be protected from dirt and cushioned from falls and rough handling.  Here are some tips on safely packing and shipping a microscope.

Remove all optics such as objectives, condensers, eyepieces, etc. Wrap them individually with tissue paper and bubble wrap.

Use fiber tape to secure any prism levers. This will prevent them from moving during transit.

Take a sturdy shipping box that will serve as the inner container.  It should be large enough to accommodate all the bubble wrapped microscope parts and have extra space for packing materials on all sides, top and bottom.

Use packing peanuts to pack the inner box, making sure that there is enough packing material between the  microscope parts and the sides, top or bottom of the box. This will cushion the microscope in case the package falls or roughly handled. It should be well packed that the contents does not move when the box is closed and shaken gently.

Get a larger shipping box that would serve as the outer box.  It should be large enough to provide an inch or so of space on all sides, top and bottom when the inner box is placed inside.  Fill the spaces with more packing peanuts so that the inner box won’t shift inside the outer box.

Address and label the package and take to a shipping company or the post office.

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