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How to Ship a Microphone With or Without Box

ship microphones

Just like any other electronic device, a microphone is a fragile item that needs to be properly packed before shipping. Even if shipping company ads say that they take good care of your packages, they actually don’t care at all! So expect your item to be kicked, thrown, and dropped even if it’s covered with all sorts of “Handle with care” and “Fragile” labels. To ensure that your microphone arrives at its destination in one functional piece, here are some valuable tips on how to pack and ship a microphone safely.

If the mic comes with its own box or case:

1.  Wrap the microphone with plastic wrap before placing it inside its box or case. If there any empty space in the box/case, fill it with more bubble wrap. This will prevent the mic from moving around if the box gets banged around.
2.  Then, wrap the box/case with a generous amount of bubble wrap.
3.  Place the wrapped box/case in a larger shipping box with a good amount of packing peanuts in the bottom then fill with more packing materials on all sides.

If the mic does not have a box or case:

1.  Wrap the mic generously with bubble wrap.
2.  Get a smaller box that could snugly accommodate the wrapped mic. Place the mic inside the box.  Make sure that the mic does not move in the box by filling empty spaces with more bubble wrap.
3.  Wrap the smaller box with bubble wrap and place inside a larger shipping box with a good amount of packing peanuts on all sides to prevent the contents from moving during transport.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape.  Attach address and labels and take to your local post office or shipping company.

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