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How to Pack and Ship Fresh Duck Eggs

shipping fresh duck eggs

More and more people are using duck eggs as an alternative to chicken eggs. Duck eggs are ideal for those who are allergic to chicken eggs. Some bakers also prefer duck eggs because of their larger yolks and the rich flavor they give to baked goods. Because of the fragile shells, duck eggs should be properly packed before being shipped to ensure that they arrive in the best condition. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship fresh duck eggs.

Before packing the duck eggs, wash them to get rid of the dirt that may cause bacterial growth. Aside from making the eggs presentable, washing reveals blind cracks that may cause the egg to break easily when shipped. Don’t ship eggs with visible cracks.

Wrap each egg to protect it during the shipping process. You can use bubble wrap or foam padding, but several layers of newspaper is also an inexpensive but effective option. Use tape to secure the wrap.

Place the egg in six-pack egg cartons. Make sure that the eggs do not move inside the carton. Close the carton and seal with tape.

Stack the cartons inside a shipping box, making sure that each carton is stable.  You may use packaging materials like packing peanuts or newspaper to fill spaces in the box to prevent the contents from shifting during transport.

Close the shipping box and seal with packaging tape. Affix address and shipping labels. Write the words “perishable” and “handle with care” in black marker on the outside of the box to alert delivery carriers of the nature of the container’s contents.

Take the package to a shipping company or post office. Ship by Priority Mail or overnight shipping service to make sure the eggs don’t sit for several days in a warehouse or a post office.

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