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How to Ship a Jukebox

ship a jukebox

Before high-tech audio systems and digital music players became the device of choice when it comes to playing recorded music, there was the jukebox, a bulky box with vinyl records and playback mechanism within its compartments. Usually coin-operated, jukeboxes have buttons and cranks to help the user pick a particular selection. Recent releases contain CDs or digital recordings instead of vinyl records but still keep the jukebox’ iconic vintage appearance.

While the jukebox has fallen out of favor because of the emergence of its modern counterpart, this music-playing device is still popular among collectors. Some collectors focus their collections on jukeboxes from a particular decade while others choose to acquire jukeboxes made by popular manufacturers such as Wurlitzer, Rock-Ola or the Seeburg Corporation.

Because of its age, a vintage jukebox is highly fragile and must be properly packed for shipping to ensure that it arrives safely and prevent any damage on both its inner workings and body. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a jukebox.

The best way to ship a jukebox is to have it crated and transported by professional furniture movers. These people have all the necessary experience and expertise to ensure that the jukebox is well taken care off from pickup to delivery.

The movers will do most of the difficult tasks like securing any loose or moving parts, protecting the glass parts, wrapping the entire jukebox with padded materials, and placing it inside a crate.

All you can do to help is prepare the jukebox and have it ready before the movers arrive:

  • Clean the jukebox.
  • Roll the power chord neatly and secure with a rubber band or wire tie.
  • Remove any items inside the cabinet, if any.
  • Close any cabinet doors and secure to prevent them from opening during transit.

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