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How to Ship a Japanese Futon

shipping a futon

A futon is a traditional Japanese bedding consisting of a mattress that is laid on top of a tatami mat and is used for sleeping. It can be easily folded and stored away when not in use, making it a popular alternative to conventional beds in homes with limited spaces. Japanese futons usually come in sets with their own quilted comforter and pillow.

Cotton, poly fill, memory foam are some of the most popular fillings for futons. These materials keep the futon light weight and portable. While there is also a Western version based on the Japanese original which usually comes with a metal or wooden frame and used as s a chair, couch, or sofa-bed, this instructional article will discuss the steps on how to properly pack and ship a Japanese futon.

Because they are foldable and usually smaller and lighter than western mattresses, futons can be easily placed in a large cardboard box for shipping.

Traditional Japanese futons are designed to be folded (usually in thirds) for portability and easy storage. Place the folded futon inside a large plastic bag to protect t from the elements in case dust or moisture accidentally gets inside the package during transit. Also, fold the accompanying comforter to its smallest size possible and place it in a separate plastic bag. Do the same with the pillows, if any.

Choose a sturdy shipping box that is at least two inches larger than your folded futon on all sides and a little higher than the folded futon and quilt stacked together.  Fill the bottom of the box with a two-inch layer of packing peanuts and lay the futon on top. Then, place the quilt and pillows on top of the futon. Fill the sides of the box with more packing peanuts up to the top until there is no more void spaces inside the package.

It should be well-packed such that there will be no movement inside the package when the box is closed and slightly shaken. Secure the box with heavy-duty packaging tape. Make sure that all seams and flaps, including those in the bottom of the box, are reinforced with packaging tape to prevent it from bursting open during transit.

Address and label the package and take to a reputable shipping company.

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