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Tips on How to Ship a Horse Model

Ship a Horse Model

Collecting model horses is fast becoming a popular hobby for equine enthusiasts. These exquisite miniature horse sculptures are scale replicas of real horses. They are usually hand-made by experienced artisans who pay extreme attention to detail to give each model its life-like appearance.

These animal figurines can be made using a variety of materials including vinyl, resin, copper, pewter or porcelain.  The molded sculptures are then painted using airbrush while details are drawn using fine brushes. Because they are highly collectible, horse models can become high value items that are traded among collectors. But because they are fragile and valuable, proper precautions must be observed when shipping these items.

Here are some important tips on how to pack and ship a horse model.

1. Buy a sturdy cardboard shipping box that is large enough to accommodate the model and provide extra space for cushioning and packing materials.  Once padded and wrapped, there should be at least one to several inches of extra space between the model and the box. You can get free Priority Mail boxes at the U.S. Postal System which are perfect for smaller models. The flat rate shipping box is also ideal for heavier models like those made of pewter or porcelain.

2. If re-using a shipping box, make sure that it is still strong and has kept its integrity to provide support and protection for the item. Also remove any labels, stickers or bar codes from the outside of the box. Bar codes that are difficult to remove must be blacked out by a permanent marker to avoid getting scanned by shipping equipment. For added protection, seal bottom seams with clear packing tape.

3. Properly wrap the horse model. The parts of the model that are most prone to damage are the ears and the tail because they are protruding.  Wrap the entire body with several layers of tissue paper and use more of the material to wrap the fragile ears and tail. Secure the tissue paper with clear tape but make sure to avoid the adhesive from getting in contact with the model. The sticky adhesive might damage the paint job.

4. To protect the legs from shakes and jolts during transit, place a leg buffer between the legs of the model. You can make a leg buffer using several layers of bubble wrap folded and placed under the horse’s belly and between the legs to provide cushion.

5. Wrap the entire model with bubble wrap and secure with tape. Make sure that it has a nice thick cushion of bubble packaging by using several layers of bubble wrap.

6. Place a layer of packing peanuts in the bottom of the shipping box. Put the wrapped model in the center of the box on top of the peanuts.

7. Add more packing peanuts on the side and top of the horse model until the box is filled to the brim. Close the box and gently shake. The item inside should not shift, if it does, add more packing peanuts inside the box to prevent the item from moving around.

8. Close the box and seal with packing tape. Attach address and “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” labels.

Lastly, take the package to your shipping company.  You might want to consider buying insurance for the item especially if it’s a high value horse model.

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