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How to Ship a Diaper Cake

Ship a Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are becoming very popular hospital gifts for new moms or elegant centerpieces for baby showers. They are usually made of baby diapers arranged to look like a cake. It can be a simple one layer number or an elaborate multi-tiered affair. Apart from diapers, it may include other items such as baby clothes, feeding bottles, infant toiletries and toys used as cake decorations. Diaper cakes are practical gifts because the items on it can be used afterwards and do not only serve as mere decorations.

Shipping a diaper cake is relatively simple. The key is to make sure that the cake construction is secure and it is packaged in an appropriately-sized box. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a diaper cake to ensure that it arrives intact and in good shape.

Before packing, make sure that the cake construction is secure enough to endure the rough handling it will go through. The diaper cake and its decorations should not fall apart easily. Wrapping the entire cake in tulle secured with a coordinating bow on top is a presentable way to make the cake more sturdy.

Choose a box that can snugly accommodate your diaper cake. The box should only be that as big as the base of the diaper cake plate to restrict movements.

Carefully place the diaper cake inside the box and use crumpled paper, bubble wrap or air pillows to fill empty spaces to prevent the cake from moving inside the box. The bigger the cake, the more packing and cushioning materials you need to restrict movements.

Close and seal the box with packaging tape. Address, label and take the package to your local post office or carrier for shipping.

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