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How to Ship a Computer Monitor

ship a computer monitor

Because of its fragile glass screen, a computer monitor must be properly packed before shipping to ensure that it arrives without any scratches or damages.  Here are some practical tips on how to properly pack and ship a computer monitor. If the monitor’s original box and packaging are no longer available, it can still be shipped safely by following these tips.

Measure the computer monitor and buy a shipping box that is slightly larger than the item. You can buy the box and packing materials from the post office or a shipping supply store. Make sure to double tape the bottom of the bottom flaps of the box for optimum support.

Remove all detachable cables off the monitor. Place them in a Ziploc or any plastic bag and set aside.

To provide cushion and protection, wrap the monitor with several layers of bubble wrap and place inside the box. Put foam wedges on all sides of the monitor so it won’t move around during transit.

Insert the wrapped cables in one of the sides or corners of the box and fill the remaining spaces with packing peanuts.

Close and seal the box with packaging tape. Attach addresses and labels on the sides of the box.  You may place an address card inside the box as a precaution.

You may now take the package to the post office or a shipping company.

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