How to Avoid Package Theft When Shipping

Avoid Package Theft When Shipping Apart from keeping an item protected from damage during transit, proper packaging also plays an important role in ensuring that a shipment is safe from the hands of thieves. While the post office and shipping companies claim that they only employ trust-worthy individuals to handle packages, there are a few sticky fingers out there who are after your valuables.

These unscrupulous employees look for clues that might suggest that an envelope or package contains something of value such as cash, checks, jewelry, electronic gadgets and other valuables that are contained in small packages that are easy to conceal inside a shirt or a pocket.

The key in keeping your package safe from theft is by not providing prospective thieves clues on what’s inside the box. Knowing how to protect your mail is your first line of defense. Here are tips on how to avoid package theft when shipping.

An address or label can provide a lot of information about your package. Avoid including the name of a bank, jewelry store or watch repair center on the addresses. Never include words such as “valuable,” “expensive,” or “money” in your labels.

If you have to send cash or check in the mail, conceal the items between thick card stock so there’s is no way for pilfers to detect it. Another great way to camouflage money-bearing envelopes is to make it look like its being sent by a child.

When shipping electronic gadgets, jewelry and other valuable items, make sure that the original packaging is not visible. Double box or wrap with brown shipping paper to cover logos and marks that will give away the package’s contents.

Pack your valuables in a large box that is difficult to grab and shove inside a pocket.

Seal your package securely to make it difficult for thieves to tamper with and get whatever is inside. Tamper resistant tape on all seams of the box is a great way to deter pilferage.

Insure your package when shipping high value items and require a signature or confirmation upon delivery. Also inform the recipient about the date of delivery so there will be someone to accept the package.

Report any signs of tampering to the post office of shipping company immediately.

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