Packing Supplies 101: Air Bag/Pouch Cushioning System

Air Bag Pouch Cushioning Material

Air bag/pouches are inflatable packaging products that are designed to provide cost-effective and efficient void fill and protective packaging for a wide variety of products. Similar to bubble wrap, these relatively new packing materials are actually plastic bags and pouches with built-in columns of air to provide cushioning and protection to items. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used for different items such as bottles, ceramics, laptops, hard disk drives, mobile phones, cameras, tablets and computer parts.

Some of these bags/pouches come already filled with air while others require inflation with a manual or electric pump. The latter takes up a fraction of the space required for other forms of packaging and are preferred by companies and small business which ship items on a regular basis. They are made from LDPE making them tough and rigid.

Because they are designed for specific items, you can be assured that your product does not move around and is well cushioned and protected from impact during transit. Used as replacement to expanded polystyrene peanuts, these alternative packing system has eliminated the mess associated with the clingy foam peanuts.

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