5 Hacks to Avoid Shipping Damage

Shipping Hacks Shipping damage is an unfortunate event to both the sender and receiver. It leads to waste of time, money and energy. What make it worse is the fact that such damage can be avoided if only proper packing techniques were employed and precautions were followed.

Packages go through a lot of stress during the entire shipping process. Your friendly courier might swear that they handle every parcel you send with utmost care. Maybe they do but accidents happen and when you deal with thousands of packages a day, their idea of TLC might be different from ours. So keeping the item in a package intact from point A to point B relies on the shipper, the one who packs the item.  To prevent such mishaps, we list down five hacks to ensure that a package survives the harsh shipping process.


The shipping box does not only serve as a container of your items.  It is also the protective shell of the package.  Thus, it is important to use the right box, one that is strong enough to carry the weight of the item as well as the weight of other packages that may be placed on top of it while in transit.

Choose a heavy corrugated cardboard box. If it has been previously used, make sure that it is not damaged or has lost its integrity. It is ideal to use the original box of the item you are shipping, especially the ones which come with molded packing materials. Such boxes will provide optimum protection and cushioning for your item. To be safe, double box the original packaging as it is usually not meant for shipping.

For heavy items, use a double-walled box or you can double box the item with packing material in between the two boxes. Remember, the heavier the item the heavier-duty the box needs to be.


Individually wrap items in layers of bubble wrap before boxing. Then add more packing materials as you arrange the items inside the box. Fill spaces between items and the sides of the box with filling materials. Pack tightly to prevent movement. Movement within the box is the most common cause of shipping damage.


Use 2-inch wide packaging tape to seal every seam of the box, including the ones on the bottom. The best tape to use are the pressure-sensitive shipping tape and water activated tape as they adhere to the box flatly and will not get caught up in automated shipping equipment.


Wrong address, illegible handwriting, smudged labels lead to lost packages and delivery delays.  Make sure to use the accurate shipping address and write or print it legibly on a label.

Firmly attach the label onto the outside of the box, preferably in a plastic sleeve . Alternatively, you can insert the label inside a clear plastic bag and tape it to the box. Sticky clear tape on top of the label will also work in protecting it from getting peeled of or damaged by moisture.

To be safe, place a copy of the packing slip or label inside the box before sealing it in case the one outside gets destroyed.


Others may find it useless to attach “Fragile”, “This End Up” or “Handle With Care” labels as they are just ignored by shipping personnel. But you will be surprised how many couriers take these labels seriously.

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