10 helpful tips when shipping food items

shipping food items

Some of the most appreciated gifts are those that came from our very own kitchen. With the help of the following tips and some common sense, sending your sumptuous specialties to friends and family will be much more hassle-free and you will be assured that they will arrive fresh and delicious.

1. Unprocessed meats must be frozen thoroughly and shipped overnight to keep their freshness. Processed meats like sausages and hams will remain fresh much longer but they must be properly packed.

2. Use thick and sturdy containers with airtight seals when shipping food items. When using glass bottles and jars, make sure to pack them generously with bubble wrap and other packing materials for cushioning.

3. When shipping moist foods and dry, crisp ones, wrap each item separately to preserve their textures.

4. Use tins to pack unfrosted cakes. Pick a size where the cake can pit snugly. For smaller confections like brownies and bars, place each one in individual bonbon cups. Arrange them in layers in the container with parchment paper in between layers. Fill the container to the top and leave no headroom. Use crumpled wax paper to fill empty spaces, if necessary.

5. Bake firm baked goods like pound cakes and loaf bread in disposable foil. Don’t bother taking them out in the pans and just wrap them in plastic wrap. Just make sure that the items have completely cooled off before packing them.

6. Use bottles with air-tight seals when shipping oils or vinegar. For added protection against breakage and leaks, wrap each bottle in bubble wrap and place inside a Ziploc bag.

7. Arrange all packed items into a sturdy carton, making sure that empty spaces between items are filled with packing materials such as wadded up paper, bubble-wrap, cornstarch pellets, or even popped corn. The recipient can enjoy the popcorn as an added treat.

8. Always place heavier items at the bottom of the package. Ensure that there are ample packing surrounding each item on all sides. The contents of the package should not shift when the box is shaken down.

9. Write legibly or print using a big readable font for the shipping address and labels. Place them on visible areas of the package and secure with clear tape.

10. Ship all food gifts via the fastest method possible.

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