Shipping Tips & Tricks for New Online Sellers

Shipping Tips & Tricks for New Online Sellers Shipping an item so that it arrives on time and in good condition at your buyer’s doorstep is arguably the most crucial part of selling online. How you get your items to your customers will definitely make or break your business. To avoid unwanted returns, refunds, and bad reviews, make sure to package your items properly and use a reliable courier. We list down some valuable shipping tips and tricks to help you ship items properly and ensure that they get delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Even before you pack your item, know that what you are sending is not restricted and is legal to ship to the state or country of the recipient. For example, goods produced wholly or partly in prisons or by convict labor are not allowed entry to Australia; all alcoholic beverages including wines are prohibited to cross the Canadian border; playing cards, except in complete decks and properly wrapped, are banned in Germany.

Consider how your item will fare during transit. The shipping process can expose your item to harsh environments and rough handling so pack your packages accordingly. If you are something that could melt in high temperatures such as chocolates, consider including ice.

Pack your items as if it will be dropped at some point in its travels. While the postal service and shipping companies promise to take care of your packages, it is still best to pack your items properly than to be sorry later on. The standard drop test used for basic items is the 4-foot drop test wherein the item and its packaging must be able to survive to fall from a 4-foot drop onto a hard surface without breakage.

Make the recipient address very clear. Whether printed or handwritten, make sure the address is accurate and legible. Remember an “S” that looks like a “5” might cause delivery issues.

Include a return address. If, for some reason, your package can not be delivered to your buyer, you don’t want it disappearing on the return to you.

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