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Guidelines when choosing a carrier for shipping perishable goods

shipping perishable goods

Shipping perishable goods is a tricky undertaking. Aside from proper packaging,  keeping the items at the right temperature is also an important consideration. Changes in temperature can have adverse effects on food items because it can promote the growth of bacteria and other organisms that can lead to spoilage. Thus, it is important to use a reputable shipping company that has the experience and the equipment to keep food shipments fresh and safe for consumption until they reach their destination. Below is a checklist that can help you in your search for good perishable shipping services.

Years of experience in shipping perishable items are a good gauge when looking for a shipping company. It is not enough that a company ship all sorts of stuff, it is important to pick a carrier which has been specializing in food transportation for years so you can rest assured that your shipment is properly handled by well-trained personnel using appropriate equipment.

Good Track Record
Choose a shipping company that has positive feedback from previous customers. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations or you can also go online and check out reviews about shipping companies. These reviews will also give you ideas on how companies deal with problems and ensure that a shipment arrives on time and in the best form.

Special Services
Your perishable shipping requirement may differ from other shippers’ so it is imperative to look for a company that can provide your specific needs. A company that handles all types of fresh goods, such as meats, vegetables, fruits, and medicines is your best bet.

Equipment and Facilities
Choose a carrier that has the appropriate equipment and facilities to handle, store and transport your perishable shipment. As the temperature is very crucial when transporting perishable goods, only use shipping companies that have climate-controlled equipment and facilities to ensure that your shipment is not exposed to changes in temperature as it is transported to its destination. Ideal perishable shipping companies should have coolers and freezers at every transit point they serve to ensure that items are always at the right temperature while waiting for delivery.

Fast Delivery
To avoid spoiling, you want your perishable shipment to arrive at its destination the quickest way possible. If possible, look for a shipping company that offers direct flights to your destination to avoid getting held up in storage as much as possible.

With this guideline, we hope that it will be much easier for you to find a perishable shipping service that best matches your needs.

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