Guidelines on Shipping Perfume

How to ship perfume

Because of their flammable nature and containers usually made of glass, safety precautions must be observed when packing and shipping bottles of perfume to make sure the recipient receives them on time and in good condition. Here are some guidelines on packing and shipping perfume.

Before packing your perfume for shipping, check if there are any restrictions in your country or the country shipping to with regards to transporting perfume. Perfume is considered hazardous material and has some restrictions on shipping it. Make sure you comply with these regulations to avoid hassles such as your package getting confiscated in customs.

There is also regulations on the number of perfumes you can ship.  Shipping in large quantities may require necessary permits and documentation.

Perfumes are best shipped in their original boxes, which are designed to provide optimum protection for the perfume bottle and keep it in place.

In case the original boxes are not available, wrap each perfume bottle individually in generous layers of bubble wrap or newspaper especially if packing several bottles in one package.
This will prevent the bottles from breaking in case they bump against each other while in transit.

Use an appropriately sized shipping box for your perfume. It should not be too big or to small for the perfume and allows extra space for sufficient amounts of packing material.

When shipping perfume as gift sets, make sure that the items do not move around inside the box by taping down each item to the holding tray.

Place the boxed perfume bottles inside the shipping container.  Fill empty spaces with packing materials to prevent movement.

Close the shipping box and seal with packing tape. Address and label the package and take to the post office or your choice of the shipping company.

Get enough insurance on your package to cover the costs if something should happen and your bottles break.

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