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Shipping on a Budget

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Shipping items on a regular basis can put a dent on your wallet. The key is to pack the item properly to avoid costly damages. Here are some tips on how to send an item without spending too much.

Ship early. Send items as soon as you can, long before the recipient needs them, so you do not have to pay for expedited shipping. Remember, you pay a premium for overnight or second-day shipping.

Pack light. The weight of the package dictates the shipping cost so always use lightweight packing supplies such as bubble wrap and bubble bags, which are lighter than paper or fabric padding.

Keep the package as small as possible. The post office and other carriers usually has a separate price class for larger packages. If the item you are shipping is small, keep the box small as well to pay for the lowest shipping rate possible. You’ll also save on packing materials.

Use the free packing materials when available, The post office and some shipping companies provide free boxes, mailing tubes and other packing materials. You may order these freebies online and have them delivered at your door step or pick them up at the post office or carrier’s office.

Compare carriers. Weigh and measure your packed items and use the weight to get a cost estimate (the post office and most carriers have shipping calculators on their websites). Compare the prices from diferent carriers and pick the company that offers the most cost-efficient rate.

When you know how to properly pack your items for shipment and take the time to study what shipping option is best, you can ship nearly anything without spending a fortune.

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