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How to Ship a Video Card

Ship a Video Card

A video card is an expansion card that allows the computer to send graphical information to a video display device such as a monitor or projector. It is usually rectangular in shape with numerous contacts on the bottom of the card and one or more ports on the side for connection to video displays and other devices.

Just like other computer parts, a video card is fragile and must be handled with care. When shipping a video card, it must be properly packaged to ensure that it survives impact and rough handling during transit.  Here are tips on how to properly pack and ship a video card.

Use the original packaging if available. Insert the video card inside an anti-static plastic bag before placing it in the original box. Make sure that the card fits snugly in the foam packaging and there is no way for it to move around. Use pieces of bubble wrap or foam pads to give the card a snug fit if necessary. Close the original box and seal with packaging tape.

If the original packaging is no longer available or too weak to provide optimum protection, pack the video card in a new box. Use a sturdy box that is a bit larger than the card, with ample space to keep the item from touching the sides, top, and bottom of the box. Place the video card in an anti-static bag and seal. Then, wrap it in at least two layers of bubble wrap.

Fill a layer of packing materials at the bottom of the box. You can use crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Place the wrapped card on top of the packing materials, then fill the rest of the spaces on the sides and top with more fillers. The idea is to keep the video card still in the center of the box. Close the box and seal with packaging tape.

Double-box the inner package inside a slightly larger outer box. Use packing materials on the bottom, sides, and top to keep the inner box immobile and away from the sides of the outer package. There should be no movement inside when the outer box is shaken. Seal the package with packaging tape.

Address and label the package with “Fragile” and “Handle with Care.” Take it to your local post office or shipping company.

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