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How to Ship a Stylus

Ship a Stylus

A stylus is a pen-like device used to navigate, write or draw on devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs, touch screen monitors, eBooks, and other touch-sensitive electronic gadgets. It works by conducting electrical current from your hand to the stylus tip and onto the touch screen device.

While most touch screen devices are designed to operate using bare fingers, a stylus comes handy for individuals with long finger nails or plump fingers. It is also helpful for functions that require narrower tips or more precise inputs such as when writing, drawing, signing documents, painting, or taking notes by hand.

Styluses are available in a variety of styles and designs but are usually compact, light-weight and features a soft tip made from conductive foam or rubber that are soft enough to avoid scratching a screen’s surface. Some styluses may extend and contract into small, pen-like cylinders, which are easy to put away while others may come with a set of different-sized nibs.

These devices are generally sturdy and can be easily shipped without any problem. All that is necessary is to pack it properly to prevent damaging the sensitive tip or getting snapped in two while in transit. Here are tips on how to properly pack and ship a stylus.

Ship a brand new stylus in its original packaging with its cap or accompanying nibs, if any. Make sure that everything fits snugly in the original box without any space for movement. Otherwise, fill any gap with tissue paper or pieces of bubble wrap before closing it sealed. Double box with fillers all around then secure outer package with packaging tape.

For a stylus without its original box, snap the cap on, if any, and wrap the entire item in tissue paper and bubble wrap. Place in a box with packing materials such as bubble wrap, shredded paper or crumpled paper, on all sides, top and bottom. Close and seal the box.

Do not send a stylus unprotected in a padded mailer as it can bend and break while running along shipping equipment or puncture the envelope and fall off the package.

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