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How to Ship a Down Parka

shipping a down parka

A parka is a cold-weather coat, usually with a fur-lined hood.  It is typically stuffed with down or a very warm synthetic fiber to provide warmth in freezing temperatures. Feathers in a down-filled parka create a volume that traps layers of air to help retain warmth and keep out the cold.

Down feathers are top of the line when it comes to insulation as it traps heat better than any other materials. Down also retains its light weight making it a popular material for insulation. It is also more expensive than other materials.

Down feathers are sensitive to moisture, sunlight and prolonged compression. Thus, it is important to keep a down parka away from these factors during storage or shipping. Moisture can encourage the growth of mildew that can lead to deterioration while too much exposure to sunlight as the oil from the feathers can evaporate and make them brittle, compromising the parka’s insulating properties in the process.

Prolonged compression is also detrimental to a down parka as the feathers can get flattened out and lose their volume. Here are tips on how to properly pack and ship a down parka to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.

Fold the freshly cleaned and completely dry down parka in a loose bundle. Without compressing, make sure that it will fit in a sturdy shipping box with a couple of inches of extra space on all sides, top, and bottom.

Place the parka in a cotton storage bag or any protective bag that is large enough to provide a snug, uncompressed fit.

Fill the bottom of the shipping box with packing peanuts or bubble wrap then lay the bagged parka on top. Fill the remaining spaces on the sides and top with more packing materials to prevent the item from shifting.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Attach address and labels and take to your local post office or shipping company. Insure your down parka to protect you against loss or damage during transit.

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