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How to ship items using the US Postal Service

US Postal Service

The US Postal Service is a good and economical way to send items that are not too big or heavy. Shipping items using the postal service is easy and straight forward if the guidelines below are followed.

Prepare the items to be shipped. Make sure that you have everything you want so that you can be ready to put it inside the package.

Use a sturdy box that can fit all of the objects that you want to ship. Remember that the larger and heftier the package the more you have to pay so find a box that isn’t excessively big so the shipping fees can stay lower.

Arrange the items in the package making sure that they are properly protected especially the fragile ones. You can use padding materials such as bubble wrap or peanuts and make sure that the items won’t shift during transport.

Seal up the package using packaging tape. Make sure that you cover the package so that all of its seals are taped off completely. Packages that are sealed by masking tape will not be accepted by the USPS.

Label your package. Don’t forget to write the return address (your address) and the shipping address (where you want the package to be shipped). Place the label so that the text of the address is parallel with the longest side of the package.

Go to the nearest post office. The USPS website can help you locate the post office most convenient to you. The website also provides approximate package prices based on its dimensions and weight. Click HERE to go to the USPS website.

At the post office, ask for priority shipping which is a cheap and quick way to ship out your packages. The cashier at the USPS will ask you if you want a confirmation number. This is optional, and costs an extra 75 cents. If you choose to purchase this, you will be able to track your package online. After paying for your package, it is on its way to its destination!

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