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How to Pack and Ship Electronics

Ship Electronics

Electronic devices are fragile items that require proper packing when shipped to ensure that they arrive intact and in good working condition. Here’s a quick guide to help you pack and ship electronics.

Disconnect wires and cords and roll them into coils.  It is best to label each one of them to save yourself the hassle of figuring out which wire goes where when you need to reconnect the device. Secure your cables and wires using twist ties, elastic band or another fastener.

Place all wires, cables and other peripherals in big clear Ziploc bags and label it with the name of the piece of electronics equipment.

Use proper bubble wrap for your electronics. Common packing materials like bubble wrap conduct static which can be harmful to electronic devices. To Avoid this, you can purchase special ‘pink’ bubble wrap that has anti-static qualities and provide the much-needed protection and cushion for your electronics without harming them. Wrap each piece of electronics separately in pink bubble wrap so that no pieces will rub together during transit. And then wrap the entire package in tape to secure the bubble wrap in place.

Place the wrapped electronics into the shipping box. Start with the largest piece of equipment on the bottom of the box and fill in any empty space around the piece using more pink bubble wrap. Then, depending on the weight of the box, add smaller pieces of electronics equipment on top. Make sure that all empty voids are filled with pink bubble wrap so that none of your electronics will shift during the move.

When all items are already in the box, close the package and seal with some packing tape. Also, label the box accordingly. Don’t forget to write ‘fragile’ and ‘heavy’ on the box so that the electronics you pack will be handled with care.

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