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How to Ship an Electronic Sphygmomanometer

Ship an Electronic Sphygmomanometer

A sphygmomanometer also called a blood pressure monitor,  is a device used to measure blood pressure. It comes in two types, the manual and the digital or electronic.

Manual sphygmomanometers are bulkier and requires the use of an additional device, particularly a stethoscope, to determine a patient’s blood pressure. Furthermore, they must be operated by trained practitioners.

On the other hand, electronic sphygmomanometers are handy gadgets that can be easily used without professional training. They are very portable and could instantly provide blood pressure readings by simply wearing a cuff, around the upper arm, the wrist, or a finger, depending on the device.

Just like most electronic devices, digital sphygmomanometers are fragile and must be handled with care during transport. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship an electronic sphygmomanometer to ensure that it survives any form of impact that it may encounter during transit.

An electronic sphygmomanometer is best shipped double-boxed in its original packaging. Place the device and its accessories in the designated sections in the original packaging. Make sure that the device and its components fit snugly in the original box, with sufficient padding and incapable of shifting or moving. Fill any space with bubble wrap to prevent any movement. Secure the package with tape and place in a slightly larger box with a couple of inches of packing peanuts in the bottom. Fill the sides with more packing peanuts up to the top of the box. The peanuts should prevent the inner box from moving when the outer box is closed. Seal the outer package with packaging tape.

When shipping a digital blood pressure monitor without its original box, place the device in an anti-static bag and seal. Then, wrap it in at least two layers of anti-static bubble wrap. Do the same with its detachable components. Then, lay the device in a small box that can snugly accommodate the items. Fill any space with bubble wrap to avoid any movements. Close and seal the inner box and place in another box. Double box the electronic sphygmomanometer as previously described and seal with packaging tape.

Address and label the package with “Fragile” and “Handle with Care.” Take it to your local post office or shipping company.

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