How to Ship Dumbbells

shipping dumbbells

Dumbbells, typically made from a metal bar with equal weights on each end, are essential equipment in weight training. They usually come in pairs but can be used individually.

Dumbbells can either have adjustable or fixed weights. Adjustable dumbbells come with a set of cast iron weight disks that can be attached or removed from the handle bars. On the other hand, the weights of fixed dumbbells are permanently attached to the handle bars. This type of dumbbells can be made from cast iron, sometimes coated with rubber or neoprene for comfort or a rigid plastic shell that is filled with concrete.

While getting broken would be the last thing that could happen to a dumbbell while in transit, keeping the shipping container intact is your utmost concern when shipping a set of dumbbells. Because of their weights, an ordinary cardboard box may not be sturdy enough to accommodate dumbbells for shipping. Here are some tips on the best way to properly pack and ship dumbbells.

For adjustable dumbbells, detach all weights and stack them together. Tie the stack securely and wrap generously with bubble wrap. Do the same with the handle bars. Place the items in a wooden crate. Tie the weights and bars to the crate using heavy-duty zip ties. Fill empty spaces inside the crate with packing materials so the weights will not jostle around in case the ties break. Screw the crate’s lid in place.

For fixed dumbbells, wrap the weights with bubble wrap. Then, tie each dumbbell securely onto the crate using zip ties. Follow the packing directions described above.

Attach address and labels onto the crate and bring it to the shipping company of your choice.

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