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How to Ship a Copy Machine

Ship a Copy Machine

A copy machine, also called copier or photocopier, is office equipment that prints copies of documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply. They come in different sizes including desktops and bulkier machines that can handle large duplicating jobs.

There are several instances when a copy machine needs to be transported including transferring to a new location, being sent to a service center for repairs, getting sold to give way to new equipment or the lease has ended and needs to be returned to a dealer.

Because they are expensive and contain very sensitive electronic parts, copy machines must be handled with the utmost care during shipping to avoid damage and prevent voiding warranty.  Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a copy machine.

A copy machine is best shipped by trained professional movers with extensive experience in moving, packing and transporting this kind of equipment. Companies offering copier moving services have the experience, know-how, and equipment in handling copy machines and ensure that they arrive safely.

Search online for copy machine movers and choose several with a good reputation and positive feedback from previous clients. Check their rates and if they service your location and the destination of the copier.  Once you have decided which mover to use, contact the company and schedule for a pickup.

While waiting for the mover, prepare the copy machine for the pickup. Unplug the copier and remove any paper on the tray. You can save a few bucks doing this since most shippers base their rates on the weight of the machine. Also, remove toner or liquid ink to prevent spillage and place them in a box.

Gather all service logs, manuals, and driver CDs. These materials should be stored in the copier’s cabinet or in an empty paper tray. Also, prepare pertinent documents such a copy of the lease return authorization paperwork.

When the movers arrive, they will disassemble (if necessary), shrink-wrap and blanket-wrap the copier to reduce damages during transit. They will also haul the copier to their specially designed truck. Apart from delivering the machine to its destination, most movers also offer re-assembly and installation services in the new location.

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