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How to Ship a Coffeemaker

Ship a coffeemaker

Coffeemakers, or coffee machines, are nifty kitchen appliances used to brew coffee. They are must-haves in homes with coffee lovers, because they make brewing coffee easier and faster. With the help of these devices, one can have a cup of steaming hot coffee within minutes with just push of a button.

These devices come in different types but most of them are small enough to fit any kitchen counter. They are also light-weight and portable, making them ideal gift items for newly-weds, college students or just about anyone who loves coffee.

A coffeemaker is usually made of a housing/base which contains the machine’s heating element, control panel and electronic circuitry. A cover can be opened to reveal other parts such as the brew basket and filter. It also comes with a carafe or glass coffee pot which is placed on the heating plate and catches the drip during brewing.

When shipping a coffeemaker, proper packing precautions must be observed to ensure that each one of the machine’s fragile parts is well protected from impact. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a coffeemaker.

The most ideal way to ship a coffeemaker is by double boxing in its orginal packaging. The manufacturer’s box is usually designed to protect the item inside with sufficient padding and cushions such as foam pads, bubble wrap and other packing materials. The parts of the coffeemaker should not move around inside its original packaging. If there is movement, fill any empty spaces with additional bubble wrap or crumpled paper. Also seal and reinforce the box with packaging tape. If shipping as a gift, you may opt to wrap the box in gift wapping paper and attach a gift tag with your greetings and the recipient’s name.

Prepare a slightly larger cardboard shipping box for double boxing. It should be big enough to accommodate the boxed coffeemaker with extra couple of inch of spaces on all sides, top and bottom, for packing materials, Lay some packing peanuts on the bottom of the box and place the coffeemaker on top. Fill the sides and top with more packing materials to keep the inner box in the center. The outer box should be well packed to keep the inner box from moving.

Close the outer box and seal with tape. Make sure that both the tiop and bottom flaps are reinforced with packing tape to prevent them from burtsing open while in transit.

Address and label the package and take to your local post office or shipping company.

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