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How to Ship a Bobblehead Doll

Ship a Bobblehead Doll

A bobblehead doll, also called nodder or wobbler, is a collectible toy usually depicting animals, cartoon characters, sports personalities and popular celebrities. Custom-made bobblehead dolls are also a favorite gift item and are made in the likeness of the recipient.

The head of a bobblehead doll is often oversized and is connected to the body by a spring or hook such that a light tap or movement on the surface where the doll rests will cause the head to bobble, hence the name.

Early bobblehead dolls were made from paper mache and ceramic but more recent releases are crafted from plastic. Vintage bobbleheads are most sought after items and can be very valuable. To avoid damaging a doll during transit, here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a bobblehead doll to ensure that it arrives in excellent condition.

Use a strip of bubble wrap or tissue paper to wrap around the “neck” of the figure to prevent the head from moving. Secure the wrap in place with tape to prevent it from unraveling. Make sure that the tape does not touch the doll’s surface as the adhesive material might damage the finish.

Wrap the entire bobblehead doll with bubble wrap, paying extra attention to any protruding parts like an outstretched arm, a baseball bat or an elongated nose. Use tape to secure the bubble wrap in place.

Fragile bobbleheads, like those made from ceramic, must be placed inside a small box and then double boxed with fillers all around to prevent shifting.

Double boxing may not be necessary for plastic dolls as long as they are sufficiently wrapped with bubble wrap. Simply place the bobblehead doll in the center of a sturdy box with packing peanuts on all sides, top and bottom. The box should be well packed with fillers, preventing the doll to move or shift inside the package.

Close the box and secure with packaging tape. Address and label the package and take to your post office or shipping company.

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