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How to Ship a Radiator

Ship a radiator

Radiators are used for cooling automobile engines to prevent overheating. They are typically made from metals such as brass, copper or aluminum. These type of materials are not very sturdy and can easily be bent out of shape.

When shipping radiators, dents and other damages can be prevented by protecting it from impact. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a radiator to ensure that it survives the rough shipping environment.

Clean the radiator to get rid of debris that have collected on the radiator grill. Use nylon brush and sudsy water. Do not scrub against the direction of the radiator fins to avoid denting the fragile metal. Also flush out any remaining engine coolant by using water and a garden hose.

The radiator must be completely dry when you pack it. Plug the hose connections with crumpled nespaper. Get a sturdy cardboard box that is at least two inches larger than the radiator all the way around. The box of a flat screen TV works well.

Fill the bottom of the box with a layer of cushioning such as pieces of Styrofoam boards, air cushions, packing peanuts or lots of crumpled up newspaper. Slide the radiator into the box and fill the empty space on all four sides with more packing materials.

Continue filling the box with fillers until the top is reached. The idea is to keep the radiator immobile in the center of the box. Close the box and secure with heavy duty packaging tape. Also reinforce the bottom of the box with packaging tape.

Address and label the package and take to a shipping company.

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