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Protecting Shipments From Water Damage

Protecting Shipments From Water Damage

Water or moisture damage to items being shipped can be caused by a myriad of factors including condensation, exposure to rain or leaks from other packages and many others. While we’d like to think that shipping personnel do their best to keep our packages safe and sound, the condensation at the back of the truck or the leakage caused by an improperly packaged item is beyond their control.

We can’t also blame them if they have to run in the middle of torrential rains just to deliver our package from their truck to the recipient’s doorstep. Or if they are forced to leave the box outside the door, exposed to the elements, because nobody was around to receive the delivery.

However, it shouldn’t be a problem even if a box arrives soaking wet as long as we did our homework in packing properly. Protecting a package from water damage is not difficult. The following tips, and some common sense, can help ensure that a package is properly protected from water damage.

Protection starts from the inside of the box. Wrap all items that can be damaged by water in a sealed plastic bag. Its a good idea to use more than one layer of plastic to make sure the package is protected. Once wrapped, the item or items should fit snugly into the box filled with enough packing materials to prevent movement. The box must be sealed thoroughly with packing tape to prevent it from bursting open during transit. If double boxing, the inner package can be wrapped in plastic film for extra protection.

Address and label the package properly. Use permanent markers or ink that will not smudge when exposed to moisture. Better yet, stick a layer of clear tape over address and labels to keep them protected. It is also a good idea to place a sheet of paper with the sender and recipient’s address and contact number in case the labels outside the box gets damaged.

For items that are too big to be packed in a box, wrap them in a water resistant plastic film or shrink wrap. They are then crated and can be covered with a secured tarp to protect against rain.

For more information about how to protect your shipments from water damage, call or visit your carrier. They should be willing to teach you how to pack and can even provide the materials you need to keep your shipment dry.

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