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How To Properly Pack Dress Shirts for Shipping

How to pack and ship dress shirts

Whether sending dress shirts as gifts to loved ones or as sold items to customers, they should be properly folded and packed so that they will arrive in excellent and presentable condition. Being made of soft fabric does not mean that these pieces of clothing deserve less attention when you pack them for shipping.

Properly folding dress shirts will prevent wrinkles and give you more space in the box which is important if shipping several pieces in one package. Here are some helpful tips on how to fold and pack dress shirts so they will not arrive in a wrinkled heap.

Fold each shirt by laying it down on a flat surface and buttoning it up to the collar. This will ensure that there will be no wrinkles when you fold the shirt.

Turn the shirt over and fold each sleeve to the middle of the back, horizontally. The cuffs should cross over the middle of the back. Make sure not to fold in the shirt’s side seams in.

Fold in both sleeves again, as well as the shirt’s side seams, to the middle of the back. The fold must be even from shoulder to hem. The folded sleeve should meet under the collar, forming a broad V shape there.

With your two hands, hold the bottom of the shirt and fold in half lengthwise until it meets the bottom edge of the collar. Depending on the length of the shirts and the size of your shipping box, you might want to consider folding in thirds instead of in half.

Wrap the folded shirts in tissue paper individually and place them in the shipping box. You may stack the shirts, one on top of the other, if shipping in bulk. If possible, stack them with the collars in alternating positions.

The shirts should snugly fit in the shipping box.  If there are void, fill them up with crumpled Kraft paper to prevent the items from shifting during transit.

Close the box and seal with heavy-duty packaging tape.

Address and label the box and take to your shipping company or local post office.

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