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Money-Saving Tips for Frequent Shippers

Money-Saving Tips for Frequent Shippers

Shipping costs can be a tremendous burden on a small business. If you are embarking on a new venture that entails frequent shipments, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the cost of shipping and how to keep it at a minimum to ensure you’re not paying more than necessary. The following tips can help frequent shippers save money on shipping.

Set up an online account with the shipping company or companies you use most often. A lot of shipping companies give discounts by simply setting up an account with them while others give access to free packing supplies. Buying these supplies can get very expensive so take advantage of the freebies!

If you have to buy packing supplies to ensure that your items are well protected during shipping, purchase them in bulk. Most shipping supplies stores offer these materials at cheaper prices when you buy them wholesale.

As much as possible, go to the same post office or counter each time you ship, and build a friendly relationship with the personnel. Building good rapport with these people will help save time on your transactions and they can also give professional advise on how you can further save on shipping costs. Just make sure that your shipments are properly packed and ready to go when you get to the counter so you do not waste anybody’s time.

Save money and time by printing your own addresses and labels. Or invest on a self-inking stamp with your return address information. This can be a time-saving and cost-cutting device. Also, include a business card or receipt with your name and address inside each package in case the package label is damaged.

Don’t skimp on packing materials to avoid costlier damages. Make sure that your item will survive the rough shipping environment by protecting it with sufficient padding and cushioning materials. Also, a continuous wrap around the package provides a substantial reinforcement for minimal cost. It will ensure that your package will not burst open while in transit.

Ship early if you can. Knowing when the package needs to be delivered and using the lowest level of shipment possible can save you tons of money. Expedited shipping is expensive, so send out your packages as soon as possible.

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