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How to Properly Pack and Ship T-Shirts?

shipping t-shirts

Whether you are shipping shirts as a business or as gifts, the proper way of packing them must be observed to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.  The tips below will give you an idea on how to properly pack and ship t-shirts.

If sending just one or a few pieces of t-shirts, mailing them through the USPS is the most economical method. One to three pieces of shirt can fit in one flat rate envelope.

If sending four or more, you can use a small flat rate box while 12-16 shirts can fit a large flat rate box.

Fold each shirt neatly and wrap individually in clear plastic bags.  The bags will ensure that the shirts are protected from dirt, moisture, and other elements.

Place in USPS envelopes or boxes, which you can get from the post office free of charge. Take the package to the post office and mail it.

For bulk shipping, you may want to consider using a commercial shipping company like UPS.

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