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Guide: Pack and Ship Raspberries Properly

ship raspberries

Raspberries are not only delicious, but they are also very rich in nutrients. Apart from being a rich source of Vitamin C, raspberries are also loaded with high levels of antioxidants, found to be beneficial in male fertility and maintaining healthy body weight. They can be eaten as they are or used as ingredients in smoothies, baked goods, salads, breakfast oatmeal, and other delectable treats.

These succulent berries are, unfortunately, also some of the most perishable fruits around. Ripe berries must be eaten immediately or stored in the freezer to extend their shelf life.

If you grow your own raspberries or had too much to buy during a supermarket sale and want to share their fruity goodness to family and friends elsewhere, here are some tips on how to ship raspberries.

Inspect your raspberries and discard any bruised or moldy ones as these can affect the good berries. Do not wash the fruits as moisture can accelerate ripening and deterioration. Instead, clean and dry the berries with paper towels.

Get a clean plastic container and line the bottom and sides with layers of paper towels. Place the berries into the container. Place a layer of paper towel on top of the raspberries. Add more paper towels to fill the container as necessary and prevent the berries from moving. However, make sure that the fruits are not squished.

Place the lid of the container and ensure that it is tight and will not pop open during transit. Put the raspberries in an insulated shipping box, along with a frozen gel pack or cold pack to keep the ideal temperature for the berries. Use filters such as paper or bubble wrap to keep the container and cold pack from moving.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Address and label the package and bring it to the post office or shipping company. Use via overnight shipping or any expedited option to ensure the raspberries will arrive at their freshest.

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