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How to Ship Pottery Ware

shipping pottery ware

Pottery has become a very gratifying hobby for many people.  For most pottery enthusiasts, the hobby is an enjoyable release of self-expression. Seeing a lowly mound of clay transform into a beautiful work of art that they made with their very own hands is truly gratifying. The rustic appeal of pottery ware also makes the hobby a possible source of extra income.  They can also be great personalized gifts.

Because pottery ware is fragile, it must be properly packed before shipping to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.  Here are some helpful tips on how to pack and ship pottery ware.

The key to successfully shipping a piece of pottery ware is to “freeze” it. Not with the use of a freezer but by packing a pottery ware in such a way that it doesn’t move or shift in its container.

This is done by using a lot of packing materials such as solid foam (upholsterer’s foam), Shredded paper (or crumpled newspaper), and packing peanuts.

But first, wrap your pottery ware (plate, cup, bowl, vase, etc) with tissue paper and then with bubble wrap.  Use tape to secure the wrap in place. Also insert a generous amount of tissue paper inside the hollow part of vases, cups, bowls, etc.

Get a sturdy and appropriate size cardboard box and place the item inside.  Use foam on the sides to keep the item in place and fill the remaining spaces with shredded paper or packing peanuts. Close the box and make sure that there is no movement from inside.

Seal the package with packaging tape. Attach addresses and labels such as “Fragile” and “Handle with Care.”

Take the package to your choice of shipping company or to your local post office.

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