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How to Ship Pens

Ship Pens

Pens come in a variety of forms and sizes. The ubiquitous ballpoint pen is usually made of plastic and cheaper than the more complicated fountain pen. Some fountain pens are valued for their precision writing performance and are made from high value materials such as precious metals. Luxury pens feature very intricate designs and are decorated with gems making them expensive and highly collectible.

Being small and light-weight, pens can be easily packed and shipped. However, it is not enough to just place them unprotected in plain envelopes and expect them to arrive in good condition. If you are sending pens as gifts or for repairs, here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship pens to ensure that these writing tools arrive in safely.

If shipping a single pen, wrap it in bubble wrap or any soft protective material such as tissue paper or paper towels protect it. Use tape or rubber bands to keep the wrap from unraveling.  You can ship it in a padded envelope but be advised that such envelopes may not provide optimum protection to the pen and can still be damaged by automated mail processing equipment. The best way to ship pens, especially the expensive ones, is in a box filled with cushioning materials to prevent movements. The USPS’ flat rate priority mail boxes are perfect for shipping pens.

A fountain pen, or any refillable pen, is best drained of its ink first before packing to avoid spills that can ruin an exquisitely made instrument. Ink stains can permanently damage the pen or can be discarded by shipping personnel when the spilled ink starts to stain other packages. Wrap the fountain pen in several layers of tissue paper or bubble wrap before placing inside a box. Keep the pen in place by filling the box with packing materials. Seal the box with packing tape.

When shipping pens in bulk, group them in a bunch before wrapping in bubble wrap and binding with rubber bands. This will keep them in place when you pack them in a box. Fill any void space within the box with packing materials to prevent any movements.

Particularly valuable pens should be sent via Registered Mail. Otherwise, purchase Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation when using other shipping option to help you track your packages and ensure that the box will not be left at the delivery address without the knowledge of anybody.

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