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How to ship organic chicken eggs

How to ship organic chicken eggs

Are you looking for an effective and safe way to ship your ship your organic eggs to friends, family or buyers? Here are tips on how you should pack and ship organic chicken eggs  to avoid breakage and ensure that they will arrive fresh and intact.

The key to successful shipping of organic eggs, or any eggs for the matter, is proper packaging. For this method, you will need egg trays/flats, any sturdy box (or the priority shipping boxes which you can get for free from the post office) packing materials and packing tape.

Wrap each egg in bubble wrap and arrange in the egg tray. Use tape to secure the wrap and prevent it from rolling out.

Once the egg flat is full of eggs, lay another empty flat on top, sort of sandwiching the eggs. Be careful not to give too much pressure on the trays at it can crush the eggs. Secure the two flats with packaging tape and wrap in bubble wrap.

Layer the shipping box partially with packaging peanuts then lay the egg flats on top of the peanuts. Fill the box further with the peanuts making sure they are on all sides of the bubble wrapped egg flat. Make sure that box is filled to the top with peanuts to eliminate any space for movement.

Address and label the box and take to your local post office. Choose priority shipping, it’s is a 2-3 day service and is fairly decently priced. Priority mail has flat rate boxes so no matter how much the box weighs you pay the same flat rate cost.

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