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How to Ship Office Equipment

shipping office equipment

Are you relocating your business and taking your office equipment to your new location? Packing and transporting office furniture and machinery can be a daunting task. Items such as desks, filing cabinets, and office cubicles are heavy and bulky while computer CPUs, monitors, printers, and copiers are fragile and require special care and packaging. Here are some tips on how to ship office equipment.

Shipping companies and movers can make the task easier and faster for you. However, you should only hire a reputable company that has been in the business for a long time and with good feedback from their previous clients. The more experience they have in packing and shipping items, the more you will have peace of mind that your stuff is well taken care of during transport and will arrive in good condition.

Movers can do all the difficult tasks involved in relocating stuff from custom packing to hauling the items out of your old office and delivering them safely to your new destination.

Remember that proper packaging is essential to ensure that your shipment is delivered safely and in the original condition. Your mover should be able to employ a variety of options to safeguard your items by using efficient packing techniques and materials such as a blanket wrap, foam-in-place, ethofoam, honeycomb, corrugated sheets, or custom boxes.

Some items, such as high value, oversized, uniquely shaped or fragile equipment, may require special packaging solutions like crating and palleting. Make sure your shipping company offers these services to ensure that your office furniture and equipment avoid unnecessary damages during transit.

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