Guide to Shipping Large Supplement Bottles

How to Ship Large Supplement Bottles

As more and more individuals engage in fitness and wellness programs, the demand for weight-loss, fitness and body building supplements also increases. These supplements come in a variety of functions and forms including, tablets, capsules, powder and bars. Many of these items are packaged in large bottles and can get quite heavy. When shipping, they must be properly packed to ensure that they arrive intact and in excellent condition. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship supplement bottles.

Because of they sizes and weights, these are large items is best packed using sturdy double wall boxes to ensure that they survive transit. The double layers of corrugated cardboard provide extra support to withstand any impact damage that is common when transporting bulky items.

Before boxing the bottle of supplements, make sure that the lid is completely sealed. Wrap the bottle in bubble wrap to protect it from impact. This step is specially important if shipping several bottles in one package to prevent them from colliding into each other during transit.

Place the wrapped bottle inside the double wall box with a layer of packing materials on the bottom. If sending multiple bottles, arrange them so that they are not touching the sides of the box and have spaces between them. Fill the empty spaces and top of the box with packing materials until there is no room for movement. Close the box and shake it a little to check for movement. If there is no movement inside, close the box and seal with packaging tape, otherwise, add more fillers until the items are immobile before closing the package.

Address and label the package and take to the post office or shipping company.

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