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Useful Tips on Shipping Home Gym Equipment

Having gym equipment at home is a great way to engage in physical activities and exercise without leaving the house.  Whether you are moving and want to take your equipment to your new location or thinking of sending one as a gift, the following tips can help you ship your gym equipment safely and without any problems. Remember that this equipment can get very expensive so you want to pack it properly to prevent damage during transit. Here are some useful tips when shipping home gym equipment:

Most personal gym equipment are designed such that they can be disassembled and re-assembled with ease. Refer to the user manual and disassemble the equipment completely following the instructions. You want the equipment to be in its smallest size possible to make packing it for shipping more manageable. You may end up with several small pieces which is easier to pack than one huge chunky piece.

Keep every nut, bolt and other small pieces that you took out of the equipment in a zip lock bag and label them to make re-assembly easier.

Tape the bag to one of the equipment parts to avoid misplacing it.

Wrap each piece of the equipment in bubble wrap and place in a sturdy corrugated shipping box. You may need several boxes for this. You can put together several equipment pieces in one box but make sure that they don’t cramp too much. Fill empty spaces with packing materials such as packing peanuts, newspaper, bubble wrap, etc. The idea is to pack the box with enough material to prevent the contents from shifting during transit and avoid damages.

Also, consider the weight of the pieces when packing them. Don’t put all the heavy items in one box.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. To be sure, also tape the bottom seam of the boxes and prevent them from bursting open.

Attach shipping address and labels to the boxes and take to your shipping company. Alternatively, you can have the packages picked up.


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