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How to Ship Fresh Blueberries

shipping fresh blueberries

Blueberries are yummy fruits with flavors ranging from mildly sweet to tart and tangy.  They are mainly native to North America and are in season from May to August.  Blueberries spoil quickly after harvest, so they should be frozen or consumed quickly. Here is a practical guideline on how to ship fresh blueberries that can help ensure that they arrive fresh and delicious.

In a Ziploc bag, pack approximately a quart of fresh blueberries. Place each bag into a disposable plastic storage container to provide extra protection to the fragile berries during transport. Place the storage containers side by side at the bottom of a plastic foam cooler.

Measure the inside of the cooler and take a piece of cardboard that fits inside.  Lay the cardboard on top of the plastic containers. The cardboard will protect the berries from getting direct contact from dry ice and avoid freezer burn.

Take 2 lbs. of dry ice and place on top of the cardboard. Do not handle the dry ice with your bare hands, you can use a pair of oven mitts when handling it. Place the lid on the cooler and seal the edges with tape.

Cover the cooler with two layers of brown mailing paper. Address and label the package. Write the words: “Refrigerated Food,” and “Contains Dry Ice” on the outside of the package.

You may now ship the package via overnight express.

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