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How to Pack and Ship Beef Jerky to an APO Address

How to Ship Beef Jerky

You want to surprise a loved one who is stationed somewhere overseas with his favorite beef jerky. It wouldn’t be a problem as long as you have his APO (Army or Air Force Post Office) address.  A package of beef jerky or any other stuff that he likes would surely delight him.  Beef jerky and other not so perishable food items are the best stuff sent to an APO address because they don’t go bad easily and can withstand the time it takes to mail the package. Here’s how to ship jerky to someone with an APO address.

Get Priority Mail flat-rate APO/FPO box/es from your area’s post office. These boxes are free of charge and choose the appropriate-sized box for your jerky. Ask for a couple of customs forms, as well.

If your made the beef jerky yourself, package them in a sealed Ziploc bag and place in another bag or in a plastic container to damage during transit. Place them in the Priority Mail flat rate APO/FPO box.

Store-bought jerky does not require any additional packaging, they are  placed directly into the box.

It is important to use the Priority Mail flat rate APO/FPO boxes because they get to APO addresses more quickly than items not shipped in these boxes.

Take note of every item you put into the box. Fill out your customs form with all the items that you have put into your box, including the beef jerky. Do not pack the customs form in the box.

Close the box and seal with clear packing tape.

Write the APO address onto the customs form in pen and onto the box where indicated in black permanent marker. Include your return address where indicated. If you’re unsure how to fill out the address, wait until you are in the post office and ask for help from the clerk.

Take the sealed box and the completed customs form to the post office.

Follow instructions from the post office clerk and pay for your shipment.

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