How to Ship Aquarium Shrimps

Shipping Aquarium Shrimps

Freshwater shrimps and inverts are the latest crazes among aquarium hobbyists. These exotic pets are fast becoming popular additions to aquariums setups. They come in a variety of sizes and fascinating colors that will surely add interest in any fish tank. Aside from their lovely appearance, these creatures are also known to be efficient scavengers and can thereby help an aquarium clean and the water quality high.

Just like when transporting other live aquatic animals, proper precautions in packaging must be observed when shipping aquarium shrimps. They should be packaged in an environment that will minimize the stresses involved in transporting live animals. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship aquarium shrimps that will help assure that these fascinating creatures survive the rough shipping process.

To properly pack aquarium shrimps, you will need an appropriately-sized box, breather bags, insulation boards, packing materials, packaging tape and heat-pack (optional). The USPS Priority Mail service is a cost-effective option in shipping aquarium shrimps. Priority Mail boxes, which come in a variety of sizes, are available from free of charge. These shipping boxes, as well as delivery confirmation stickers, labels, and other packing materials, can be ordered online and delivered right on your doorstep for free.

Line your shipping box with insulation boards that are available in most hardware stores. Cut the board to a size that will fit the box’s four sides, top, and bottom. The boards will not only provide insulation and stabilize the temperature inside the box but will also serve as cushion and protection for the aquarium shrimps.

Place your shrimps in a breather bag with a sufficient amount of water. Breather bags are preferred for shipping shrimp because they “breathe,” letting out CO2 and letting in oxygen. Place a small piece of plant or moss into the bag, remove excess air out and tie a knot to seal the breather bag. Do not leave space for air inside the bag so that the water will not slosh as much during transport. Place the shrimp-filled bag into another breather bag, just in case the first bag gets punctured. Tie the second bag as well. wrap the bagged shrimps in newspaper or paper towels as an added insulation and to absorb water in case of leaks.

Place the bag inside the insulated box and fill any void with more packing materials such as bubble wrap or crumpled paper just so the bag does not shift or move around inside the box. If shipping from, or to, a very cold location, add a heat-pack inside the package. Wrap the heat-pack first in a paper towel before placing underneath the breather bag so that it will not have direct contact with the bag.

Close the box and seal securely with packaging tape. Attach appropriate addresses and labels. Take the package to your local post office.

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