How to Ship an Oriental Rug

shipping an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs, especially the antique ones, can get very expensive.  They can also be fragile and, thus, require extra care in handling. Because of their delicate nature, rugs and carpets are a bit tedious and risky to ship.  However, if you know how to package them properly, sending them anywhere can be done without a glitch.  Here are some practical tips on how to properly pack and ship an oriental rug.

Rugs can be shipped either folded or rolled. However, bear in mind that there are rugs that should not be folded.  These include machine made, hand tufted rug and some hand knotted rugs with dry rot or stiff construction.  Prior to folding the rug, check your carpet for any dry rot or areas not easy to fold.  As you fold, listen for cracking or popping – if you hear this, STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Roll the rug against the direction of the pile.  This results in a tighter roll, allowing for a smaller final size.

Once folded or rolled, use heavy-duty plastic or Tyvek to wrap your rug. Do not pack it in clear plastic alone, use some opaque material to prevent fading when exposed to sunlight. Put some extra padding on the ends of the rug as they can be dragged a lot in transport. Never use newspaper as it bleeds when wet. Cardboard pieces are good options, secured with packing tape. It’s also a good idea to tape all openings shut so the package is semi- waterproof.

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