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How to Pack and Ship an Accordion

How to ship an accordion

Just like other musical instruments, the accordion is very fragile and requires extra precautions when being packed for shipping.  Nonetheless, it can be shipped without any hassle if proper packaging is done. Here’s how to properly pack and ship an accordion to ensure that it arrives without any damage.

Clean and inspect the accordion and take note of any internal problems like cracks and loose parts.  It would be good to take pictures from all sides. This will be useful in case you will insure the instrument.

Use a sturdy shipping container to pack the instrument. Never use boxes that are bent or loose at the seams. Also, pick a box that can accommodate the accordion and provide at least 2 inches of extra space around it for packing materials.

If insuring the accordion shipment, be sure you can document the value of the instrument. If the person receiving it complains of damage, immediately inform the recipient of the necessity of retaining the packing materials and container for inspection by the commercial the carrier’s representative.

If shipping the accordion in its case, also put some packing material inside the case so that the accordion can’t shift and move. Such movements could result in damage and internal breakage. Put the case in a sturdy shipping box and fill empty spaces with packing materials.

Seal the box and write the destination and return addresses. Also, put some labels like “Fragile” and “Handle with Care.”

Take the package to your shipping company. Get a tracking number and immediately notify the recipient of the package to be alert for the delivery. If using the U.S. Postal Service, even if you don’t have insurance get “Delivery Confirmation” for a small extra charge.

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