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How to Ship Ammunition Via UPS

Ship Ammunition

You can ship almost anything via UPS.  However, there are items that require extra precaution and documentation when shipping such as ammunition. Furthermore, ammo must be shipped via UPS Ground as no air shipments are allowed. Here is a simple guideline on how to ship ammunition properly and safely.

Determine what caliber ammunition is being shipped. According to Title 49 CFR in Chapter 1, section 173.63 “the packaging exceptions to full regulation. Under that section, (b) cartridges, small arms, may be reclassed, and offered for transportation, and transported as ORM–D material when packaged in accordance with paragraph (b)(2) of this section; such transportation is excepted from the requirements of subparts E (Labeling) of part 172 of this subchapter.”

Keep the ammo in its original packaging and wrap it securely with foam or bubble wrap to prevent any movement during transit.

Place padded ammo in a new sturdy cardboard box and tape it securely.

Label the outside with a ORM-D, Cartridges, Small Arms label. Put the ORM-D label on at least three sides of the package. This is acceptable for .50 caliber or less or 8 gauge or less. Affix the ORM-D label next to the shipping label, ensuring the UPS employee handling the parcel will know where to properly direct it.

Take the package to your local UPS office.

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