How to Ship a Trumpet

Ship a trumpet
A trumpet is best shipped in its protective case

Trumpets are expensive instruments that should be packed properly before shipping to ensure that it arrives in one piece and makes beautiful music. Below are some easy to follow tips on hoe to properly pack and ship a trumpet.

Clean the trumpet and wrap in a thin and soft cloth. Place it inside of its hard case. Fill the empty spaces in the case with packing peanuts or more bubble wrap to prevent shifting during transit.

Close the trumpet case and wrap the trumpet with mailing paper. Make sure the entire case is wrapped securely.

Get a double-walled shipping box that is big enough for the trumpet case and give extra four inches of space on all sides. Layer the bottom of the box with three inches of packing peanuts and then lay the trumpet case inside the box.

Fill the rest of the box with packing peanuts and make sure the trumpet case is securely fixed in place. Close and gently shake the box to ensure that the case does not shift around.

Secure the box seams with packaging tape.

Address the package and write the “Fragile” on the outside of the box. You should write this on all sides of the box to ensure that this is easily viewed.

Take the package to your local shipping office. Ask for delivery confirmation, tracking, and insurance for the total cost of the trumpet and shipping charges.

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